Please read the questionnaire below.  The situations described are violations of the Fair Housing Act.  If you have experienced any of these situations, you may be able to file a complaint with HUD.  We can help.  Please complete the form below the questionnaire so that we can contact you, and click 'Submit.'  All information provided will remain strictly confidential.

Has a housing provider told you the apartment, house, or condominium is not available, when in fact it has not been rented or sold?
Has a housing provider refused to rent or sell to you because you are a member of one of the protected groups?
Have you been given different terms or rules than others because you are a member of one of the protected group?
Have you seen written statements in a newspaper or been told by the property owner or its representative a statement that indicates preferences or limitations for certain people. This includes any ad or brochure that is created by the owner of the property.
Has someone attempted to prevent you from renting or buying a house in a neighborhood by suggesting that you will not be safe or that neighbors may not want you to move in.
Have you been told by a housing provider they don’t rent to families with children?
Has a housing provider propositioned you for sex in exchange for making repairs or getting a break in the rent?
Have you experienced unwelcome sexual advances, physical or verbal contact?
Have you been told by a housing provider that you are not allowed to have visitors who are members of a protected class?
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